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Top Vacation Destinations

When it comes to vacation destinations, the world is the limit. You can go anywhere in the world to scratch that travel itch.

But travel is expensive, which is why its important to find good deals on vacation destinations.

There are a lot a of websites that can help you find good deals. We've reviewed a number of them and narrowed down the top choices for true travel deals.

Our Best Overall Winner - The Flight Deal

The Flight Deal is a great website that lets you find a lot of great deals originating from some of the top hubs in United States. These are the kind of deals, where you'll pay only $400 for a round trip ticket to Milan and a $250 deal for a round trip ticket to Belize. The good news about this service is that its free, which means all you have to do is check it every now and then and it'll only be a matter of time before you find a truly phenomenal deal. The downside is that the deals go fast, so you gotta be ready to pull the trigger as soon as the page loads.


Runner Up - Scott's Cheap Flights

Scott's Cheap Flights is a great alternative since you get the deals straight to your mailbox. The only reason it didn't take first place was because they offer a premium service with their best deals, which means the free service gets hindered. Yes the premium service is cheap since it only costs $39/yr, but you have to really want to travel to make this worth it. And the free version doesn't let you filter your emails by airport, so you might see a great deal only to get dissapointed because it departs from an airport on the other side of the country.