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Top Mountain Bikes

There are a lot of mountain bikes out there, ranging from cheap stuff designed for kids and the higher end stuff designed for professionals. We've taken a look at all the models, and we found two that stood out above the rest.

Our Best Overall Winner - Cannondale Bad Habit

The Cannondale Bad Habit is a great mountain bike. It has plus-size tires-those between 2.7- and 3-inches wide- which are the hottest trend in mountain bikes. The fatter options in that range bridge the gap between traditional models and the treads on true fat bikes, which can exceed 4 inches. Cannondale’s Bad Habit is one of the latest bikes to embody this trend, earning it a spot on our list of the best new mountain bikes of 2016. Based on the Habit, a traditional full-suspension bike with 27.5-inch wheels, this brawnier version uses wider rims and 3-inch wide tires. The plus-size update gives the bike more traction over rocky, loose, and wet terrain, though the tires roll slower than traditional tires. The Bad Habit 2 comes with a 2x10 drivetrain and RockShox fork; the more-expensive Bad Habit 1 has a single-ring drivetrain and Cannondale’s single-sided Lefty fork.

And since it's a Cannondale, the quality and attention on this thing is beyond compare.

Runner Up - Liv Lust Advanced 1

Liv's Lust Advanced 1 comes equipped with a carbon frame (as with all of Giant’s composite frames, the rear triangle is aluminum), 27.5-inch wheels, and 100mm of rear-wheel travel, which makes for a light, fast, full-suspension mountain bike—and one of the best mountain bikes of 2016. It's just as happy to take the holeshot in your next XC race as it will be to bang around on the trails with your friends on the weekend. The Advanced 1 build is new this year for the Lust, and worth a good look: You get the new value-packed SRAM GX 1x11 drivetrain—which we’ve tested and can vouch for as being nearly indistinguishable from its higher-end siblings—and a dropper seatpost, two items that can significantly enhance your riding experience. Sweet, hard-stopping SRAM Guide R hydraulic disc brakes and a more capable 120mm-travel fork (a bump up from the 100mm fork that came on last year’s version) make for a bike that can either meet an experienced rider where she’s at, or grow with someone who’s learning for plenty of seasons to come.

This would have been our winner, if it weren't for the price...almost 50% more expensive than the Cannondale.