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Top Men's Shoes

The shoes make the man, and every man needs a few pairs of really good shoes to use as a foundation for the rest of their warddrobe. Here are some of the top styles that every man should own.

Brown Longwings - Think of them as your workhorse shoe. Perfect with everything from jeans to suits, and appropriate for everything but formal occasions and (very) important meetings with (relatively) conservative business partners.

Black Cap-Toe Oxfords - You know how that last pair wouldn't work for the dressier moments in your life? These will. Every time.

Chelsea Style Dress Boots - This style is perfect for any occassion and can be worn year round.

But once you pick the style, you need to pick a brand.

Our Best Overall Winner - Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo are classic Italian shoes. That just scream quality and take attention to detail to the max. And being the Ferrari of the shoe world, they have a lot of styles to pick no matter your style, you can find a shoe to match it.

Runner Up - Gucci

Gucci makes some of the finest Italian shoes on the planet. If Ferragamo is Ferrari, then Gucci is Lamborghini. The only reason we didn't crown Gucci as the winner, is because Ferragamo just holds a lot more status in the shoe world.