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Top Dating Sites/Apps

When it comes to dating sites there are a LOT of options. The problem is that a lot of these options just plain suck.

First things first, this review is meant to review dating sites with the look towards serious relationships. So we won't cover Tinder(even though its great if you are into hookups), we won't cover OKCupid(even though its great for finding casual dates). No, this review is designed solely for sites that actually get you results.

Our Best Overall Winner -

Match is one of the best sites for dating. First things first, its a paid site, which means the men and women on that site are a lot more serious about dating. They are also one of the few services that actually advertise on TV, which means they are THE site to go to for newly single men and women. This is perfect because it means you can take your shot at the top tier daters before they are taken off the market. It also means that the people on the site are serious about dating and are actually looking to find someone. When there is no cost, there is no commitment, and the people who aren't committed to dating, will just waste your time and money. Because they don't actually want to date, but are more of the type "well if someone perfect comes along, I guess I'll go out".


Runner Up - eHarmony

eHarmony is great. The only reason it didn't make our list is because their signup process can be a little daunting. They ask a LOT of questions, but thats only so they can match you better. But there really are a lot of questions, which also means that you'll probably lose out on a large % of people who simply don't want to deal with all those questions. But among the ones who do, they'll all be very serious don't go through this signup process without being committed to finding that perfect someone.