The goal behind Top Reviews is to inform our readers about the overall top rated services and products in each category that we cover. We want to help you save time, by not wasting it on researching hundreds of options and instead to let you focus just on the top performers in each category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to the common questions we get.

1. How do you select which categories to review?
A. We look at categories that have a lot of choices, where our research can help our readers make the better decision

2. Why should I read your reviews?
A. Making a decision is all about finding out all the relavant information, and with our reviews you can have all the info in one convenient location

3. Can I get a positive review for my product?
A. No, we don't participate in pay to play schemes. If you'd like us to review your product you can send us a sample, but we don't guarantee a positive review

4. Do you get compensated for your reviews?
A. We get a small commission from some of the products that we review, but we don't let these affect our judgements. It really doesn't matter to us if you buy a product A or product B, since the commission is usually the same on each. This means that we don't have to sacrifice our integrity since we'll make the same commission regardless of what product we recommend(so might as well recommend the best product on the market)