The goal behind Top Reviews is to inform our readers about the overall top rated services and products in each category that we cover. We want to help you save time, by not wasting it on researching hundreds of options and instead to let you focus just on the top performers in each category.

About Us

Top Reviews was started to help our readers make informed decisions. We are not swayed by advertising dollars, company partnerships or affiliate payouts...all we care about is recommending the best products and services.

Our goal is to provide the best winners for each category, so you don't have to waste your time dealing with too many choices. Most people spend 20-30 hours agonizing over minor decisions over a 500 dollar purchase. That time can be much better spent elsewhere. Lets face it, most of the features you might be agonizing about are probably not features you'll ever use. Yet, you'll spend a few hours deciding if that useless feature is worth the extra 50 bucks. Our goal is to simplify the decision for you.

We rely on our own research to make our picks.

We take a unique, exhaustive approach. Our talented team of researchers, writers, editors, and designers aren’t the only ones who contribute to our reviews — there can be hundreds of people involved in creating a single piece of content, from experts and university researchers who have deep insight, to consumers who have real experience. Even what seems to be a simple review can take over a month to complete, while something more complex can take several months.

Each category review is slightly different since each category requires a different approach.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to credibility and just how useful the review is in helping you make your final decision.